Sunday, September 1, 2013

Who Designed Universal Product Code?

An I.B.M engineer, George Lauerer designed Universal Product Code as it visible on products we buy. Mr. Lauerer was asked to develop universal Product Code base on bull-eyed shaped code combination invented by N. Joseph Woodland in 1940.

The purpose was that Universal Product Code would be printed on food labels and can be easily compatible with scanners, which was developed later on. Mr. George Lauerer, saw problem with the round shaped code, so he came up with the vertical shaped one that we see on food labels today! Universal Product Code (UPC) become available for scanners at the check out counters in after 1973. 

So, next time if you someone test your I.Q and asked who came up with universal Product Code, make sure you say, " Its George Lauerer!!!" 

Source: "Who Made That Universal Product Code?"<>

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