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Sunday, February 19, 2023

What Is Google Memory Game?


A player's memory is tested and strengthened in the online game Google Memory Game, which was developed by Google. The goal of this game is to match pairs of cards with the same picture. The player is given a set of cards with photos on them.

The game begins with a few simple stages and gradually gets harder as the player advances. The player advances to the next level by finishing each level and earning points. A timer that keeps track of how long it takes the player to finish each level gives the game an extra competitive edge.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

FASTEST Baseball Pitcher

On August 20, 1974, the GREATEST record speed at which a baseball has been pitched is 100.9 MPH by Lynn Nolan Ryan, California Angles at Anaheim Stadium in California 


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Longest Baseball Home Run

In September 1960, New York, Yankee Star, Mickey Mantle set the record for hitting the longest home run, which is 634 ft., in a major league game against the Detroit, Tigers at the Briggs Stadium, Michigan.



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