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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Why Do Wolves Howl?

I always believe that every ferocious animal has soft side like us, we have seen numerous times on Tv, movies, and  many of you already witnessed Wolf Howling. have you ever wondered why do they do that? well, today I found an article that talks about it, and I can't wait to share it with you!. 
Fact:  In Viena, Austria, researchers at the Wolf Science Center and the University of Veterinary Medicine, found out that Wolf how after being separated from its partners or group members or genuine affection for a preferred mate.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Vampire Bats!

Night lover
The vampire bat attacks at night. This is when its victims—mostly cattle and other livestock—sleep.

What makes them different than other bats ?
Unlike other bats, the vampire bat rests lightly on its thumbs and small footpads. This allows it to land softly, bite its victim, and quietly suck blood. It does all this without waking its victim. The vampire bat can consume an enormous amount of blood. Sometimes it is so full it cannot fly away when it is finished.

Do they bite human?
  • The vampire bat rarely feeds on human blood.
Common characteristics of vampire bats:
  • The common vampire bat is mostly found in eastern Mexico. It has grayish-brown fur, pointed ears, and a short muzzle. It does not have a tail. Its incisor teeth are large and razor-sharp. They make a small wound to take blood. The saliva of vampire bats contains substances that stop the blood from clotting.Vampire bat colonies may contain up to 2,000 bats. But groups of about 100 are more common. Both sexes roost together. They often share a cave with other bat species. Unlike other bats, the mother does not carry the young around with her. Instead, the babies stay in the roost while the mother looks for food. The vampire bat's bite is not harmful to the victim. Nor is the loss of blood. What is dangerous is thesk of rabies. In Mexico, cattle are vaccinated against rabies because of vampire bats

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