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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Your $1 bills carry 3000 bacteria!!

Many of you already know that your cash money carries bacteria, well after reading this article my jaw dropped. A recent study conducted by NYU (New York University) confirmed that 3000 types of bacteria found on dollar bill!*

Now that you know your cash carries these bacteria, you should not put money where your mouth is because these bacteria can causes acne, pneumonia, and food poisoning.

In addition, in 2001 experiment, researchers from the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio, exchanged 68 new dollar bills for old, worn ones with people at a grocery store and a sporting event.

The findings, reported in an ABC News segment, showed five of the bills contained bacteria that can cause an infection like influenza in healthy people, 59 contained bacteria that can cause serious illness in those with weak immune systems, and four were relatively germ-free.

The researchers found that while money contaminated with bacteria can spread these organisms, the risks to the average consumer are low - and perhaps there's more bacteria on that shopping cart you are pushing.**

Check out this video

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Paper Money - Who Invented Paper Money?

Paper money actually invented in China. For centuries Chinese people used copper coins as their primary currency but since copper is a heavy metal so they had to come up with something more convenient like paper form; light, easy to carry and most importantly safe! 
  • Usage of paper notes dates backs in 7th Century Tang Dynasty. 
  • It is believed that their paper money eventually became known as “ flying Money” 
  • Even though the paper money wasn’t very popular, in 900 – 1000, it become more useful until a cooper shortage forced merchants and Song Dynasty Government officials to issue and accept paper notes backed by gold reserves – First legal tender in the world!!!

Source: Barbara Maranzani, . N.p.. Web. 16 Jun 2013. <>.

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