Sunday, September 29, 2013

$1250 Hair Cut, Who is that Hairstylist?

Ted Gibson, a celebrity hairstylist who also is seen on TLC makeover show called " What Not to Wear," charges $1250 for a hire cut! I love getting a nice hair cut like millions of you. My average hair cut cost about $12-15. When I read an article about Ted Gibson's haircut, I was not surprised at all because many of his clients are multimillionaires famous celebrities, so $950 or $1250 probably not a big deal to them. However, I was really surprised when I learned the fact that many of his customers are not rich nor famous they simply a big fan of Ted's Tv show. 

  • In 2013, Ted, Gibson charged $950, and 1250 by 2013. 
  • As of now, Ted Gibson is the world's most expensive hair stylist!
  • 2 years ago, his rate was $450, which is more than doubled ($950) by now
  • Many people come to Ted Gibson actually not rich and some of them are big fan of work on " What Not to Wear." 
  • Gibson's hair cut is in good demand, people wait up to 1 or 8 weeks. 

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

FedEx Founder Got "C" on His Term Paper (concept of FedEx)!!

The idea behind FedEx Express founded by Federick W. Smith, who entered Yale University in 1962. I was fascinated to know the fact that when Fred was attending at Yale University, he wrote a term paper for his economics class regarding of overnight shipping service in the computer age, and he got a "C." His professor who gave him "C" told Federick that the idea wasn't feasible. 

Now, FedEx is an American global courier Services, and named by fortune magazine as one of the top 100 companies to work in 2013! look at these company's 2012 financial facts. 

The only reason I stated these stat just to show you the fact that when you have passion and genuine intention to make something, you might not be disappointed in long run. Of course there might be lots of obstacle as the founder, Federick faced on his undergraduate economics term paper in which he received only "C". But I believe even though he got "C" it didn't stop him from follow his passion and establish his idea into an awesome reality. 

Source: * "FedEx Corporation, Inc 2012 Annual Report, Form 10-K, Filing Date July 16, 2012". Retrieved Dec 26, 2012.

100 People Die Each Day From Drug Overdose!

Drugs were developed to cure diseases, relief from discomfort, and so many other reasons. However, people abuse it anyway. Drug overdoses becoming very fatal in the United States as well as all around the world. In U.S., the death rates from Drug overdoses is more than heroine  and cocaine deaths combine. Here are some facts on Drug overdoes, which might surprised you. 

  • 100 people die from drug overdoses each day here in the United Sates!
  • In 2008, more than 36,000 people died from drug overdoses, and most of these deaths were caused by prescription drugs*
  • In 2010, of the 38,329 drug overdose deaths in the United States, 22,134**

Among these drug users, women are victim of drug overdoses.
  • Nearly 48,000 women died of prescription painkiller overdoses between 1999 and 2010^
  • Deaths from prescription painkiller overdoses among women have increased more than 400% since 1999, compared to 265% among men^


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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What Makes Chilies So HOT? What Is The Hottest Chili on the Planet?

Last week I picked up some red and greenish chilies from the garden. I am not a big fan of chilies but they  are just nice to look at especially when you see them hanging in plants, you might be interested taking picture of them. look at this picture, which was taken couple weeks ago. I happened to taste a tiny slice of a chili and as I expected it was super hot! which makes me wonder what's in it, what kind of element or chemicals it is associate with? So, I turned my curiosity into small research. Today we will talk about chilies. 


How long chilies have been cultivated?
It has been cultivated for more or less 6000 years!!!

What makes chilies so hot? 
An active component called Capsaicin is responsible for chili's hotness and burn, which was detected in 1990s, by scientists. 

What is the hottest part of the chilies? 
well, I thought the answer was the seeds, but that's not the case, it actually the white flesh hold the most of the capsaicin chemical. If you are not sure what's the white part chili, cut one and you will see it. 

How Many People Consume Chilies Everyday? 
More or less 2 billion people all around the world, well of course  I am not saying all of them consume top hottest chilies. Some chilies are not hot at all!. 

What is the hottest chilies on the planet? 
Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor. According to scientific test its heat at  1,463,700  Scovill (measurement of chili's spicy heat) Heat Unit (SHU)!!! compare to the second HOTTEST chili: Naga Viper and Scorpion Cultivars with 1250,000 to 1350,000 SHUs.

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Why Do Wolves Howl?

I always believe that every ferocious animal has soft side like us, we have seen numerous times on Tv, movies, and  many of you already witnessed Wolf Howling. have you ever wondered why do they do that? well, today I found an article that talks about it, and I can't wait to share it with you!. 
Fact:  In Viena, Austria, researchers at the Wolf Science Center and the University of Veterinary Medicine, found out that Wolf how after being separated from its partners or group members or genuine affection for a preferred mate.

Source: News, COLUMN By LEE DYE via World. "Why Do Wolves Howl? Love, Scientists Say." ABC News. ABC News Network, n.d. Web. 02 Sept. 2013. <>.

Who Made Scratch off Lottery?

Beginning: According to New York Times Article,In 1960, Grocery stores handed out free cards covered with a waxy coating that hid a cash prize, which was a small amount , such as half-penny. They would printed 200 different tickets only few of which would be winners. 

Problem with Ticket: those free cards with winning prizes were easy to find the winning tickets because there was special design, a stray mark or a serial number  
 In '70s, two Card company workers named John Koze and Dan Bower came up with idea to make this free cards (Lottery) into money making tool. They printed about 20000 lottery tickets with so many different patterns which makes impossible to identify the winning one. They Flew to Boston and meet with Massachusetts lottery officials and promoted their system as secure and impossible to crack


Source: Who Made that Scratch Off Lottery Ticket <> 

Who Designed Universal Product Code?

An I.B.M engineer, George Lauerer designed Universal Product Code as it visible on products we buy. Mr. Lauerer was asked to develop universal Product Code base on bull-eyed shaped code combination invented by N. Joseph Woodland in 1940.

The purpose was that Universal Product Code would be printed on food labels and can be easily compatible with scanners, which was developed later on. Mr. George Lauerer, saw problem with the round shaped code, so he came up with the vertical shaped one that we see on food labels today! Universal Product Code (UPC) become available for scanners at the check out counters in after 1973. 

So, next time if you someone test your I.Q and asked who came up with universal Product Code, make sure you say, " Its George Lauerer!!!" 

Source: "Who Made That Universal Product Code?"<>

Who Was the Founder of WORLD'S First University?

Fatima Muhammad Al-Fihri , a Muslim woman, child of Muhammed Al-Fihri, a wealthy merchant. She migrated from the city Kairouan, (located present day in Tunisia) to Fes (modern day in Morocco). She inherited her father's fortune and decided to build an educational institution. 
In 859, she founded University of Al-karaouine, the World's first university, which was able to grant degree in higher education capacity. 

Source: "Sacred Destinations." Kairaouine Mosque. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Sept. 2013. 

What is the Name of the World's First University? Where's Located?

Have you ever wondered, what is the name of the world's first university, where was it located? Based on my research, I found it out that the name of the first University in the world is 

  • Name: University of Al-Karaouine"
  • Location:  Fes, Morrocco. 
  • Founded by: It was founded in approximately 859 by Fatima Al- Fihri, (a Woman). 
  • Study Area: Natural Sciences. 
  • Until 1957, it added mathematics, physics, chemistry and foreign languages

Check out this video

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