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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

FIRST Black General in U.S Air Force

  • Benjamin Oliver Davis Jr.(1912–2002) became the first black Air Force general on October 27. 
  • He also became the first black Air Force officer to complete a solo flight in 1941 and the first black man to command an airbase.


 Source: "Air Force." Black Firsts. Canton: Visible Ink, 2003. N. pag. Credo Reference. 31 July 2006. Web. 26 June 2013               <>.

Monday, June 24, 2013

World's LARGEST Office Building

U.S Pentagon is the world's LARGEST Office Building!! 

  •   Pentagone Building looks like a Geomatric shape called Pentagone, which has 5 angles

  • U.S initially budgeted at $35 million, but wound up costing $63 million, more than $900 today’s money
  • On January 15, 1943, work completed on the new headquarters for the U.S. War Department in Arlington, Virginia.
  • Pentagon was built to accommodate nearly 30,000 defense workers tasked with helping America Win WWII.
  • More than 17 miles of corridors
source: “Pentagon.” 2013. The History Channel website. Jun 24 2013, 11:25 

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