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Saturday, June 15, 2013


A 28-year old Cotton Buyer, Mr. Earle wanted to find a solution to his wife, Josephine Dickson, a New Jersey housewife frequent injuries like finger cuts,  So here's how he turned a simple idea into a great product, which is used by billions of people all over the world:

  • He took a strip of gauze, laid it down on the sticky side of some surgical tape and over both laid a strip of crinoline so the whole could be rolled up and not stick to itself
  • Ever since, whenever his wife cut herself, she could cut off a ready-made bandage. 
  • Dickson, was working for Johnson & Johnson at that time and he presented his innovative idea to higher-ups. 
  • Outcome: even though Band-Aid was not a mega hit at first, it was welcome by lots of people, and then the company started distributing them free of charge to a demographic that had an even greater need than housewives

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