Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The most popular Internet Browsers!

Food Poison mostly come from outside food!

Food preservatives are not so good!

World's FIRST Youtube Video!

Who sent the First Tweet?

Emotional pain is serious!

Total e-commerce sales in 2017! OMG!

How many earthquakes occur every year all around the world?

How fast earth is moving around the sun?

Should you drink water before meal?

How far below diamonds form here on earth?

Your 10 Fingers !

One amazing fact about Cranberries!

More People in California than in Canada!

Where does Diamond came from?

How much the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos made in 2017?

World's largest public company!

Bottle water is simply your ordinary Tap WATER!

Are you hydrated? Check it out!

World's first portable computer!

Just search " Askew" on google, see what happens!

One CRAZY fact about Hummingbird!

Does Jellyfish have brain, heart or bones?

One of the amazing benefit of HONEY!

How many bones you have on each foot?

Crazy Facts About Medical Malpractice

Sunday, September 9, 2018

What Is The Oldest Cell In Our Body?

How Long Do You Yawn?

Awesome Fact About Drinking Milk!

Crazy law in Germany

Our Amazing Brain. AMAZING!

Makeup in Ancient EGYPT!

Our Amazing Spinal Cord!

We do sleep a lot!

A City Called Rome! Amazing fact!

A country that offers 22 vacation day!

Importance of TRAVELING!

South Korea and Traffic Police

Amazing Human Body!

Our Amazing Liver!

Amazing fact about HUMAN Skin

A crazy fact about birds

A City that is located on two continents

Lakes in Canada

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