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Sunday, September 29, 2013

$1250 Hair Cut, Who is that Hairstylist?

Ted Gibson, a celebrity hairstylist who also is seen on TLC makeover show called " What Not to Wear," charges $1250 for a hire cut! I love getting a nice hair cut like millions of you. My average hair cut cost about $12-15. When I read an article about Ted Gibson's haircut, I was not surprised at all because many of his clients are multimillionaires famous celebrities, so $950 or $1250 probably not a big deal to them. However, I was really surprised when I learned the fact that many of his customers are not rich nor famous they simply a big fan of Ted's Tv show. 

  • In 2013, Ted, Gibson charged $950, and 1250 by 2013. 
  • As of now, Ted Gibson is the world's most expensive hair stylist!
  • 2 years ago, his rate was $450, which is more than doubled ($950) by now
  • Many people come to Ted Gibson actually not rich and some of them are big fan of work on " What Not to Wear." 
  • Gibson's hair cut is in good demand, people wait up to 1 or 8 weeks. 

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