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Saturday, June 15, 2013


A 28-year old Cotton Buyer, Mr. Earle wanted to find a solution to his wife, Josephine Dickson, a New Jersey housewife frequent injuries like finger cuts,  So here's how he turned a simple idea into a great product, which is used by billions of people all over the world:

  • He took a strip of gauze, laid it down on the sticky side of some surgical tape and over both laid a strip of crinoline so the whole could be rolled up and not stick to itself
  • Ever since, whenever his wife cut herself, she could cut off a ready-made bandage. 
  • Dickson, was working for Johnson & Johnson at that time and he presented his innovative idea to higher-ups. 
  • Outcome: even though Band-Aid was not a mega hit at first, it was welcome by lots of people, and then the company started distributing them free of charge to a demographic that had an even greater need than housewives

Dominus, S .Who Made That. The New York Times Magazine, 24

How many words are there in English?

Unfortunately, there's no exact count of the number of words in the English language because languages are flexible and expanding.